Be your personal designer. I show you how.

Bildcredit: 1. InStyle, via Pinterest. 2. Unsplash. 3+4. Frau Jona&Son.

Enough from boring clothes and "not in your size"-fashion? Create!


What is the problem when having too big curves or other issues- loving unique styles e.g. ? No cool styles available.

What is the problem when you want to use your wardrobe finds despite of buying and buying new clothes? No cool style ideas available.

Not any more.


Here you can find what you need to start creating your individual and beautiful selfmade clothes.

Join my group I start today( June, 19, yeah!) and learn from a designer and refashion pro for more than 15 years.


DESIGN AND DIY TIP!! For all the Germans and Spanish people here: I wrote my book ReDesign especially for the people who love to sew, want to wear their wardrobe finds for a second time and have individual style as well. No compromises to style quality, of course! Check Haupt Verlag(deutsch) and Gustavo Gili(espanol) for purchasing my book.