I’m a style and image designer and love to make people visible with their talents and helpt them to create looks which perfectly fit to their goals. Here’s how I can help.

My home-base is Austria. With the internet I am connected to the world.

You want my personal support? You have a special issue? Then send me a message. and we find the best way to communicate and work, wherever you are. Click here.

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Join the free group " Style yourself like a Pro"-group and start your change.

As more and more international people are interested to learn more from me, I started an English-speaking facebook group. 

Who is this for: for driven women who want to show up and create their outstanding look- not interested in looking too feminine in glitter, heels and pink nails...ladies who want to show their competence but combined a dose of edgy and bold appeal. Feel free to become part and grow of  this new group and meet like-minded people.



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