You are so much more.

Clothes seem to be just a shaped piece of fabric- but they can talk. They are much louder than we think and before we open our mouth, we are categorized. Like it or not, it happens. Our appearance can build borders or send invitations, it can support our professional appearance and our person, but it can hold us back from our dreams and ambitions, too. Make us invisible and underestimated.


Clothes determine the image people receive from us but they effect our inner person, too. They reconsile us, they show us our inner beauty and give us the best ever- satisfaction and independence of beauty standards, sizes and more. You just see yourself in the mirror, with the clothes I put together for you- and say: "Wow, that´s me?" Yes, this is you!




I have been watching people for the half of my life and as a designer I love to look behind the haircuts, make-up, clothes and body postures. I love to discover the possibilities one person have got, the possibility of style, shape, colour, appearance. You are so much more!


I offer to show you all the potential you have got by finding the right clothes. Friends for all dreams, occasions and challenges life offers you.


I invite you to browse through my pages and then...get in contact. All the best, Frau Jona&Son