NEW ONLINE COURSE OUT THERE! "ELEVATED SELFIE" . Uplift your selfies and make them Insta-ready for your biz. This course reveals the secrets to mastering the first beautiful pictures for your business and yourself. With less equipment, from home. PLUS: you will lose your camera fear, guaranteed.

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encouraging female entrepreneurs to show up. it is time for true style & smart branding.



Welcome to Frau Jona&Son, styling/fashion/branding/writing is my fun and mission. I am dedicated to helping you create an outstanding look and your personal brand. Whether you’re at the start of something new, want to become the new style icon or connect with your customers and dream audience more easily. Here you not only find help to show up in your best state, you will get the easiest path to reach your result. What is more fundamental than look great, feel better and get the courage to take your first pictures.

As an experienced fashiondesigner, strategic personal styling and branding design is my thing. Your colours, your looks, your style have to say the right things about your business, it needs to feel right and it needs to connect with your ideal clients. Easier said than done. I’m here to show you how to connect better with your body, soul and dreams and then overcome camera-shyness and let you show up. On better pictures, creating the mood and look which resonates with your dream audience.


Can you afford not standing out yet? No worries. How to look amazing on your pictures and in real life, how to do them by yourself. How to choose the right pictures and moods for your social media. You will learn it here! Every age & size welcome!



who do you really want to attract,

serve and work with?

"Transformation is possible. Looking beautiful is possible. Being respected is possible. Even when you don´t like your body, shy away from spotlight and never thought about "leading".

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ready for your transformation? ready for bold and beautiful instead of bland and camera-shy?