"You are the boss".

Upgrade your style &

create your signature look and command

expert prices with ease

The Style class for female entrepreneurs who

want to leave bland mom homeoffice looks behind


Early Bird Pric 299$ available until 31st of Dec.

Struggling as a order-taker? But you dream to be the expert in your niche? Welcome at my new style class! Here you will find your unique success style with smart styling strategies that fit within your budget. Embrace your body with renewed confidence. And brand yourself as the expert- trustworthy, rich and attractive. You can have it all!


  • Become attractive and feel confident in your body with smart style techniques

  •  Your face looks fresh, your body well-shaped, you look amazing. How does it feel? Smart style techniques- colour, shapes, tricks, proportion modifying- lift you up. Self-confidence while embracing your curves. No diet needed.

  • Shine like the professional entrepreneur you are- with smart wardrobe-tricks


    What a difference! You look thrilling, wealthy, stylish. High quality style= more trust=higher price. You feel secure and well in your clothes. You belong to the best now. Without robbing the bank. Smart shopping and using the own wardrobe for a professional success-look.

  • Mindset Regeneration. You are not stressed with being visible any more.

    Huh, what has happened to you? Honestly, will you miss the invisible person who hated her curves? Now People see you, take you seriously. And they want to buy from you. Because of you. Your self-confidence got new ideas and exercises to grow.


The problem is, many entrepreneurs try to push their business but not themselves. They are keeping themselves busy, they try this and that to boost their business but the most obvious they ignore. Themselves.

5 REASONS WHY female entrepreneurs STRUGGLE
1. They hide behind their work
2. They fear attention because they are overweight and not attractive enough
3. Their style is more hiding than showing.
4. They attract the wrong people and customers and chances- a kind of mismatch.
5. THEY ARE BORING :-), sorry to say that. The mixture of introvert, self-critic, risk-free style, no style, less self-care, etc rrsults in a low energy level....the best way to keep customers and chances away.

Let me tell you, the world and we people like to connect and to communicate. We never buy the product or service, we buy the person and his capability of our problem. We value each other in seconds, we like or dislike each other. And with the value and energy level of our appearance we influence the value of our work. How your package should look like?


"Imagine you are sitting relaxed, you sold your service, for a higher price, it felt easy. No discussions about pricing. No worries about showing on pictures, on live videos...
You sit there and drink your coffee with a smile on your face. No more convincing, people are coming voluntarily. They see you and it feels great. And what about the changes in your life? Great!

Let´s make you visible and shine, step by step. Are you ready for the easier way? Yes? Let´s talk about elevating your style, embracing your curves, making you visible and showing your unique talent. Let me introduce you something game-changing which doesn´t cost millions. Let´s dive into the 4 weeks- challenge."


Customer review
"Dear Sonja, I want to tell you what has happened after you changed my look. First, I want to thank you! I love to style myself up and have been upgrading my wardrobe after your coaching. People notice me and it doesn´t feel overwhelming any more. I am cool and bold and I stay in the limelight without pushing, without stress. And I am successful! People trust me, they pay my higher(!) prices and that pushes me further and further. But the first step was you." Sabine M.




1. I don´t just talk about it, I do it.
I have elevated my own creative style with great results and I help creative and talented entrepreneurs like you to elevate your style and raise your prices.
I'm not a business coach (or something like that), I am a style and image designer, creative strategist, designer, writer. (I am kind of a fairy godmother). I've been working in the design and creating field since 2000 and in blogging/writing since 2007. I studied fashion and textile arts and worked as a fashion designer. I GET IT. I combine very important fields together.

3. I'm a good human, I experienced a lot, from bad things to super good and had my struggles with my body. Gaining weight, being sporty and active...but..being curvy. I found the best strategies- not to hide but to show. And besides, I am 40+, mother of 2 cool boys and living in Austria.


4.  Why I am so about visibility? Because I know so well how women think. Especially the overweight and curvy ones. "Imposter-Syndrom, cannot demand high prices, problems to show up, hiding behind the work, struggling with self-value. I was one of them, years ago, hiding behind my laptop and my fabrics......creative people often don´t see their value. And many of them stay fixed in their workshop status on a low level. So, let´s start and make you shine!

"Change is possible, looking beautiful is possible. Even when you are curvy and shy away from spotlight."