STYLE Academy.

"Irresistible You".


From invisible to the leader in your field
It doesn't matter how good your stuff is ... if no one sees you, no one feels convinced by you,
buys from you, then no one sees how good you are.

So, I have this win-win for you..

You see, I really want to make an impact on the female´s world.

Knowing how to transform myself and my clients from bland and shy to !wow! and leader
transformed my biz.
I collected my strategies and after years of working one on one I can and will will help you
drive attention to You.
We live in harsh time, especially when the unseen try even harder to be seen, be valued, get paid. Honestly, the bland and shy won´t be seen. Only the loud, bold, not always the best.
Ist this okay? No! It is time for the new leaders of our time- the senseful, empathic, sustainable,high quality- people who want to make this world better and more beautiful. But nobody sees you when you hide behind bland looks and your laptop.

This is the deal.
I turn on your light and help you to become the leader in your field.
You invest money and time and take action with my help.
That´s it.

For everyone who purchases "Irresistible You" by Easter Sunday, will get a bonus price for early-birds.
As I work just with a handful people at the same time, take your chance to evolve before these pandemic times leave us. back with no business, no attention, no money.

Including things like

- how to look great from tip to toe
- how to shape your body the best way
- how to find the courage to show up
- how to make great pictures with small tech skills
- how to look like an leading expert before you are
how to look classy and rich before you are
how to make the best of your wardrobe finds
how to invest your money wisely when it is about clothes, style etc

and more..

Struggling with yourself? Welcome at Irresistible You. What I can guarantee is: you will love your face again, your body, you will shine, people will see you, people will trust you and see you as a leader, not the bland person in the background.

No diet needed, not thousands of dollars, just you, your laptop, your closet, me and and this mastermind


  • You open your closet and you feel joy. The colours match, you can combine through the whole closet and- yes, all the colours match.

  •  These colours are so much more: they perfectly  fit to you. They make you shine, make your eyes sprakling, your face looks younger and fresh.

  • You look fresh. So, this was just about the coloutrs.

  • Let´s go to your body. You body is body well-shaped, you look amazing.

  • How does it feel?

  • What you will be able to do afterwards is styling great and smart with fewer, but the right pieces.

  • Mindset Regeneration. You are not stressed with being visible any more.

    Huh, what has happened to you? Honestly, will you miss the invisible person who hated her curves and this bland look? Now People see you, take you seriously. And they want to buy from you. Because of you. Your self-confidence got new ideas and exercises to grow.


"Imagine you are sitting relaxed, you sold your service, for a higher price, it felt easy. No discussions about pricing. No worries about showing on pictures, on live videos...
You sit there and drink your coffee with a smile on your face. No more convincing, people are coming voluntarily. They see you and it feels great. And what about the changes in your life? Great!

Let´s make you visible and shine, step by step. Are you ready for the easier way? Yes? Then we have to talk about the mess in your wardrobe.
First we have to declutter before we can go further to the gold nuggets. Let´s talk about elevating your style, embracing your curves with fewer pieces but 100 times more styles.


Customer review
"Dear Sonja, I want to tell you what has happened after you changed my look. First, I want to thank you! I love to style myself up and have been upgrading my wardrobe after your coaching. People notice me and it doesn´t feel overwhelming any more. It was so relieving to kick out all the cheap, bland stuff which made me look cheap and as a beginner. Now I am cool and bold and I stay in the limelight without pushing, without stress. And I am successful! People trust me, they pay my higher(!) prices and that pushes me further and further. But the first step was you." Sabine M.




1. I don´t just talk about it, I do it.
I created my own field.
I'm not a business coach (or something like that), I am a style and image designer, creative strategist, designer, writer. (I am kind of a fairy godmother). I've been working in the design and creating field since 2000 and in blogging/writing since 2007 about sustainable wardrobes. I studied fashion and textile arts and worked as a fashion designer. I GET IT. I combine very important fields together.

3. I'm a good human, I experienced a lot, from bad things to super good and had my struggles with my body. Gaining weight, being sporty and active...but..being curvy. I found the best strategies- not to hide but to show. And besides, I am 40+, mother of 2 cool boys and living in Austria.

"Change is possible, becoming a leader is possible. Looking beautiful is possible. Even when you don´t like your body and shy away from spotlight."