About style and image designer Mag. Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl

WHY YOU CAN TRUST ME. Even if we don´t know each other.



1. I don´t just talk about, I do it.
I have elevated my own creative style with great results and I help creative and talented entrepreneurs like you to elevate your style and raise your prices.

I'm not a business coach (or something like that), I am a style and image designer, creative strategist, designer, writer. (I am kind of a fairy godmother and human being with life experience). I've been working in the design and creating field since 2000 and in blogging/writing since 2007. I studied fashion and textile arts and worked as a fashion designer. I GET IT. ( I started the first Austrian eco fashion blog, made my diploma in style consulting and make-up art. I combine some very important fields together.
so..I am the unicorn you've been looking for.)

3. I'm a good human, I experienced a lot, from bad things to super good and as a creative entrepreneur I know how to present yourself to go further, gain confidence and more and more ask for bigger goals. My life showed me that- beneath my own creative work, like writing books or creating art- I want to do everything I can to support creative people to elevate their bad paid hobby into a successful business. And besides, I am 40+, mother of 2 cool boys and living in Austria.



4. Why I am so about visibility? Because I know so well how creative people think.  "Imposter-Syndrom, cannot demand high prices, problems to show up, hiding behind the work, struggling with self-value and being an alien in a field of average people". I was one of them, years ago, hiding behind my laptop and my fabrics......creative people often don´t feel their value. And many of them stay fixed in their workshop status on a low level. And other, less-talented but bold people overtake them.

5. WHO ARE MY CLIENTS: people who want to grow, who understand that their look is game-making. Entrepreneurs stop treating their talents as a badly paid hobby.






Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl.


  • Studied Textile Arts and Design
  • Working as a fashiondesigner
  • first Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007
  • Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style
  • Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag
  • Diploma Colour, Style and Imagecoach
  • Diploma Make-up


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