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Personal Styling from tip to toe

for special occasions and more..

After our  2 hour- call I identify your colour type, find the perfect shapes for your body and build the styles you need for a certain purpose,

I do research and find the clothes online, or use your wardrobe finds. You get easy to style outfits, with exact descriptions for every piece. Plus your personal style pinboard on Pinterest filled with styling ideas for the future.


Investment: 990$

"Style yourself like a Pro"- 4 weeks-style school

You will everything your need from tip to toe to transform your look and wardrobe to the next level. From colour palette tpo body shaping the right way to finding your style to be in alignment with your message as a person and a professional.  How to reduce the closet and create more amazing styles instead is another topic. And so much more...No diet and no millions needed. More here.

Click here for more: https://fraujonasonstyle.thinkific.com/collections