Small budget? But you want to look respectable? Do this!

I created this outfit board for you- it is a mixture of cheaper and mid-priced pieces. So here are my 5 tips on what to focus for a richer look- with little money.

1. be inspired by high fashion labels, look how they style their outfits- and analyse the outfit. The top, the bottom, the colour mix etc

2. now rebuild the looks you like-mix and match differet labels

3. have a look at your closet. is there anything you can use?

4. focus on shoes, bag and jewellery- they need to look worthy.

5. for clothes: mix good quality basics of cheaper labels with secondhand designer pieces.

Here I would focus on coats, blazers, trenchcoats, cashmere pullovers, blouses.



the fit is everything. Only buy clothes with a good fit or go to a tailor and get some little adjustments tailored- This is affordable.

BONUS TIP 2: don´t be overwhelmed. For your daily job life you just will need  a handful of good quality outfits- focus on them. It is not about deconstructing your whole closet.


How to rebuild it without wrong buys and bad investments?


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WHAT ARE YOUR MOST BURNING QUESTIONS when it is about building an affordable and serious wardrobe for your biz?

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Outfitboard Labels:

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Mango, Massimod Dutti, Scotch and Soda, Anokhi, Anonymous Copenhagen, Mango, noord.