How to re-connect with your body and mirror image again

Back to Rose.

She was a size 42 that times. Not the biggest girl on earth. But of course, FAT for our society. Her shame prevented her from loving herself. And she kept herself in the dark. No self- esteem. Trying to please people more than she wanted. Crying.


It was a result of abuses in her childhood and an attempted assault when she was 20.

She lost connection to her body. She overcame the assault, the abuse but it needed years...and she couldn't feel anything.

No love, no pain, no joy.


Everything she achieved was fine but...she could have it done better. And....do people see that she is not good enough? Hopefully not.

And then pregnancy...2 times...overworked, trying to create her career, eating disorder and...didn't loose one of these nasty pounds.



Connection lost.


How the heck should she ever show up?

With what?



How could anyone see the great, intelligent, competent woman behind the imperfect body and sad face?

Then she did something scary and new. After starting with a therapist she asked me for help.



  • I showed that wonderful woman that her body is great as it is...and shaping the body is possible.
  • We figured out her best looks for showing up. She found her connection again.
  • To herself, her kids, her man, her purpose, her value.
  • Not because I am wonder woman.

SHE IS WONDER WOMAN because she didn't want to accept one more day that broken bridge between her and her body. Between her dreams and her small scale reality. She trusted me and asked for help.


You are Rose?

Then feel embraced.


  1. Reach out when you want to connect with your body again.
  2. First I show you how great you can look.
  3. And then you come back as the sparkling precious soul this world is needing so much.
  4. You should have the best, Sonja

Ps. Rose has a lot to do with me. Coincidence? I am sure not.

Bildcredit: Ivan Stern/Unsplash.

here you can reach out and ask me everything you want to know about connecting your body with style.

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