5 questions you should ask yourself before buying a new fashion colour

Colours are going out of fashion, colour combinations which we liked for a certain time, appear quite dull and boring when the fresh spring sun is falling on the wardrobe clothes. Springtime means new collections, new colour palettes and a new fresh mood. Fashion shops this spring 18 try to attract us with warm reds, orange, apple green and many more shades and we tend to reach out our hands on colours we dind´t even noticed before.


Now is the best time for bad buys.


The orange-red would be a nice idea, mustard, too, or this fresh lime yellow?

" I could try something new.." .these or similar motives need a sense of style and a rational check, before you invest in something complex than clothes. Here are my 5 questions for your sustainable, affordable and beautiful wardrobe. Every piece of clothes is the result of a long production chain with a lot of workers involved, and we should choose wisely.

fresh yellow - perfect partner for many colours- from classical navy to fresh mint/ pink refreshes/ colour analysis/ perfect inspiration: nature. Credit 1-3 : Frau Jona&Son 4: Tomoko UJI for Unsplash

1. Myself: Does the colour fit to my colour type? And to my personality?


2. Wardrobe: Does the colour fit into my wardrobe? And with how many pieces?


3. Time: For how long I will like the colour?


4: Duration: Does the colour have the potential to become classic?  For me and for other people?


5. Basic: Which colours in general have the potential to revive my wardrobe?



These are some of the questions I work with at my colour coachings.

People can represent same colourtypes but differ in personality, style taste and their view of the world. Colours perform the same way. They can be loud, subtle, soft, strong, visible, trendy or longterm classics. Ask yourself who as a person you are and who you want to be.


 When time is now for more fire, strength and visibility, then every "flamy" and bold shade will support you. Maybe the shade is too strong as a coat oder a very big piece. Then you can choose accessories like belts, scarfs and shoes.


When you are bored of your bold shades and the hard contrast they create, then try to combine them with a more subtle and soft shade. These combinations soften your appearance in no time.


Maybe you have wondered how to know which colours could be longterm favourites, but  I am sure you will do. It´s more instinctive but nevertheless true. You know whether you fall in love for a colour for a longer time or just  for some weeks.


Some colours come and go, others come to stay.  The bluegreen shades like teal, turquoise, mint and green shades have achieved this, because many of them are going really well with many colour types.



Which colour can revive my wardrobe? That depends on your taste and what you want to achieve. This is one of my favourite jobs in my style coaching workaday life, because I can create and show colour combinations, my clients didn´t even thought about.


My recommendation to you: don´t be shy and look above than below.


Be inspired by high fashion, by streetstyle and not by mainstream and a kind of provincial everywoman boutique look. You won´t be happy with it. To show your inner personality and the scent of individual style, you need more than the looks your surrounding is wearing, too.


Be curious and ask yourself what you want to show of you. More strength, more competence? A softer side? And then start to look for colours. Maybe the shades you actually need, are in fashion now. Maybe you have to wait for them or you can find them in the next secondhand shop. When you are aware of it, you will do the right thing. All the best for you!

Let me know your thoughts about colour and your approach. Yours, Frau Jona&Son



soft mint makes me soft, nude to seagreen, nice colourmood( credit: Jason Leung Unsplash), my yellow pullover matches with mint.