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What If you, your business and your life felt fantastic because

Get access to the 3 life-changing steps to
"Elevate your style and make people buy from you"
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A small step for you, a big step for your life-quality. What happens when you overcome the obstacles with your look, with self-doubt and your fear of making a fool of yourself? How many things will improve rapidly in your life you didn´t consider?

This is a step-by-step journey, this is creating possibilities, winning better customers, raising your prices, unleashing your true self and get rid of abundance and self-value blocks. We create the base for your success story.

Before we start, an uncomfortable truth.

The problem is, many entrepreneurs don´t know that fact. They are keeping themselves busy, they try this and that to boost their business but the most obvious they ignore. Themselves.

1. They hide behind their work and are too shy to show themselves.
2. They are not interested in fashion and style.
3. Their style is bad.
4. Too self-critic. They think they are not good enough, not attractive enough, not important enough.
5. They attract the wrong people and customers and chances- a kind of mismatch.
6. THEY ARE BORING :-), sorry to say that. The mixture of introvert, self-critic, risk-free style, no style, less self-care, etc is....the best way to keep customers and chances away.

Let me tell you, the world and we people like to connect and to communicate. We never buy the product or service, we buy the person and his capability of our problem. We value each other in seconds, we like or dislike each other. And with the value of our appearance we influence the value of our work. How your package should look like?
"Imagine you are sitting relaxed, you sold your service, for a higher price, it felt easy. No discussions about pricing. No worries about showing on pictures, on live videos...
You sit there and drink your coffee with a smile on your face. No more convincing, people are coming voluntarily. You love to work with your clients/customers. They see you and it feels great. And what about the changes in your life? Great!

Let´s make you visible and shine, step by step. Are you ready for the easier way? Yes? Let´s talk about elevating your style, making you visible, amazing and showing your unique talent and value. Let me introduce you something game-changing which doesn´t cost millions."
Why does it work? The 3 steps of manifesting your success. By elevating your style.Tadaa, let´s open the magic door:
Frau Jona&Son proudly presents...
++Imagine having the confidence to stand for yourself and your work. You love your mirror image, you shine. What could that do for your business?

"Elevate your style..." will give you the tools and the confidence to create your beautiful look. I believe that it is possible- even for the people who hide- to show themselves and gain the security they need. Imagine you focus on your creative work, you communicate with people, maybe you stay on a stage, and you don´t have to bother how you are looking. Because you are looking great! How many tons of stones could fall off your shoulders?

++Upgrade your value, upgrade your price, attract better clients
We eliminate the number 2 reason for failure and the wrong clients, your appearance.
You look stylish, rich and classy- which doesn´t mean navy blue suits, of course. In this course, you will find ideas for creating the perfect style for you and how to lift it. It is quite encouraging. You don´t have to convince the whole time, people are convinced even when they are seeing you.

++Grow your self-confidence, become visible and bold & set higher goals.
Meet your true self and the law of attraction. It works!

Enrol in "Elevate your style.." today and never stay alone in your progress. Discover the techniques of fashion styling, self-empowering and mindset that lift you up. Through a series of narrated presentations, style knowledge, fun exercises(yes!) and more you’ll grow into your best and boldest version. Setting goals is a lot of fun when you feel well in yourself. Why? Because you are thinking bigger. What will be possible when you think bigger?
++What you gain:
  • you look attractive, you shine and you become visible- people notice you, the media, your target audience
  • you will rise your goals
  • you get ideas on how to deal with visibility and feeling secure- you start your way out in the public
  • your style is rich, valuable and competent and better customers will resonate
  • become a member of my exclusive facebook group and meet like-minded people- so you are not alone on your way

Do I need a lot of money to gain a "rich" look?
No! I will show you techniques of styling how you can achieve a richer and more valuable look even if you are at the beginning of your business or....not successful enough to buy your clothes from Chanel, Dior and so on. And again, I do not mean just the one black suit.

++For whom is "Elevate you style.."?
I created this course for entrepreneurs from the creative area and for people with a creative mind who want to find the perfect mixture of professional and unique look. People who are interested in fashion. People who believe in the power of appearance and self-confidence. When you hate clothing and think it is just the inner self which should count, this course won´t make you happy. So, who are you?

++Do I have to be already attractive, slim, perfect with the perfect wardrobe?

++Can I ask any questions when I need help?
Yes, there is a Bonus! As this course is built for self-learning, it is made to learn it on your own. So I cannot sit beside you and help. BUT I have created a BONUS: I offer a forum for community, inspiring each other and for help. When you enrol, you become a member of the exclusive Style Bosses, where your questions will be answered.

A striking combination of approved design techniques and mindset exercises.
++Discover your ideal, beautifying colours and learn how to combine them
++Learn to style like a pro
++Shape your body
++Create your outstanding image with colours, shapes and value
++Learn how to look good on pictures
++Mindset power again and again :-)
++Create your elevating capsule collection and wardrobe for your goals
Why this course is the sign you were looking for
1. Available worldwide.You can work at home, you will work with your wardrobe, so....super, isn´t it?
2. Invest in yourself and get so much back.
As I know so well how I started years ago, with a small budget and even NO MONEY for SELF-GROWTH, see it as your chance to grab this game-changing course for a very affordable price. I normally charge 2000 € per month for my coaching. Good news: This course doesn´t cost thousands of dollars, it will be available for affordable 699$ after the 10th of November. And NOW you get it for a pre-sell chance :-)

As it is my first online course in English (!) I want to celebrate my personal growth with you. You will get this special journey into your most attractive self, worth thousands of saved dollars, for the affordable and beginner-friendly price of 299 $!
Imagine the thousands of dollars or euros you will save and gain when your style reflects the value of your work. The price will go up to 699$ after the 10th of November. The course will start on the 24th of November 2019. Mark this date in your calendar, there you will open a new life chapter. Big words, I know. I saw it many times, so I am bold  :-)
You want to know some gimmicks? What happens when you start to become attractive and visible?
Let´s sum up some points of this course I created with passion for you creative.

You look better

Your face looks better, your eyes shine, you look younger and fresher. Your body shape looks elevated. You like your mirror image. Do you feel your selfvalue growing? NOW you start to shine and attract people.

You uplift your value

What a difference! You loook wealthy, worthy, stylish. Higher value= more trust=higher price. Without being pushy. What is it worth when you can use your time for developing your offers instead of proposing, convincing, pushing? It is priceless.
You grow& the introvert gets used to the limelight.
Huh, what an important point! Honestly: will you miss the introvert, shy invisible person? I am sure, you won´t. People will see you, listen to you, take you seriously. And they will want to buy from you. Because of you.
Customer review
"Dear Sonja, I want to tell you what has happened after you changed my look. First, I want to thank you! I love to style myself up and have been upgrading my wardrobe after your coaching. People notice me and it doesn´t feel overwhelming any more. I am cool and bold and I stay in the limelight without pushing, without stress. And I am successful! People trust me, they pay my higher(!) prices and that pushes me further and further. But the first step was you." Sabine M.


1. I don´t just talk about it, I do it.
I have elevated my own creative style with great results and I help creative and talented entrepreneurs like you to elevate your style and raise your prices.

I'm not a business coach (or something like that), I am a style and image designer, creative strategist, designer, writer. (I am kind of a fairy godmother and human being with life experience). I've been working in the design and creating field since 2000 and in blogging/writing since 2007. I studied fashion and textile arts and worked as a fashion designer. I GET IT. ( I started the first Austrian eco fashion blog, made my diploma in style consulting and make-up art. I combine some very important fields together.
so..I am the unicorn you've been looking for.)

3. I'm a good human, I experienced a lot, from bad things to super good and as a creative entrepreneur I know how to present yourself to go further, gain confidence and more and more ask for bigger goals. My life showed me that- beneath my own creative work, like writing books or creating art- I want to do everything I can to support creative people to elevate their bad paid hobby into a successful business. And besides, I am 40+, mother of 2 cool boys and living in Austria.


4. Why I am so about money? Why I am so about visibility? Because I know so well how creative people think.  "Imposter-Syndrom, cannot demand high prices, problems to show up, hiding behind the work, struggling with self-value and being an alien in a field of average people". I was one of them, years ago, hiding behind my laptop and my fabrics......creative people often don´t feel their value. And many of them stay fixed in their workshop status on a low level. And other, less-talented but bold people overtake them.

5. WHO ARE MY CLIENTS: people who want to grow, who understand that their look is game-making. Entrepreneurs stop treating their talents as a badly paid hobby.

You want to see more of me:
Go to my website; and join my free group
Happy to work with you soon!


Manifest a life beyond your dreams with "Elevate your style".

Elevate your style is your step by step- guide to your self-renewal. You’ll learn how to create the style you want and need for your goals. And you will see how far it will bring you when your really feel attractive, vital and well in your body. Worthy. Rich. Classy in the way we will define "classy". You will see that being attractive is fun, you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Most importantly, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you will give off a presence of joy that elevates everyone around you.

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Just imagine, you in some weeks. Months, a year. What will happen when you do nothing and stay in the shadow? Struggling?

Lots of love,
Frau Jona&Son

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