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"Love at first sight-Style for bosses"

Everything you need to create your distinctive personal style

and be the best ambassador for your brand

Online style program for female entrepreneurs

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Women who "made it", feel easy and relaxed. They don´t have to fight for attention, they don´t have to persuade anyone of their abilities and creative potential. They are attractive, visible, they have fun with clothes, they found their style...and they inspire others. These women offer their products, services, their talent. Their customers feel the value and want to work with them. These women seem to own an inner magnet. They are paid for being themselves .



"You are paid for being you." Which style and appearance do you need so that your customers understand your value and message? Maybe you hired business coaches for your branding, you try to improve your social media performance, your website and more, you look free youtube videos to make it better..but have you ever thought about your own appearance? Your style, your face, your clothes and its message? You are essential for your business! Knowledge and expertise are the base. But they cannot give you the inner security, aura and self value which radiate out and attracts people.


What makes the difference to other competitors on the is not the next diploma, the fresh website( okay, maybe :-) the crucial part of your business. It is you. Your whole package, your story, your face, your body, your style and the message you build!


How to become more beautiful, how to become stylish and dont remain the chaotic creative - this I will show you.


"Love at first sight- Style for bosses" is a 4 weeks-online course for female entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, homepffice heros and artists who want to become more professional looking without losing uniqueness. So that they as a person resonate with the clients and customers they want to work with.

“People see me and my value and it feels
right and easy.”
Sabine L., designer.

Let´s create... your beautiful, new, visible you. You are creative and you offer value. This is your chance to find your best style. This is your chance to find your colours, your best shapes and learn how to combine them irresistible. Creating styles which support you and your goals.

You don´t have to be the youngest, slimmest or most attractive person to become attractive. To leave the everyday style zone....therefore you need support and a helping hand. Maybe two and more. You will get both. You will learn to play with your style, use it for certain goals. Style is a conscious decision, your image is a conscious decision and you will learn to be the driver with the steering wheel in hands. To give a style that easy, natural look is a kind of art. Believe in me, every style icon you know had to learn it, too.


What you get: make-up tips especially for you. Clothes and styles which fulfill your wish- want to appear strong, soft, rich, intelligent, crazy, learn how to decide the value of your look. You will understand which clothes support you and which you never buy again. Spare money, nerves, time.


I will guide you through, I will teach you everything you need to know for your Style Upgrade.


We will start in January, 4 creative and elevating weeks of joy, inspiration and new skills. Limited seats available.


It is time to become your best version!



"I wish I had met Sonja much earlier. I had saved myself a lot of selfdoubt, wrong attempts to push my business, missed chances and a lot of shopkeepers in my wardrobe."


Christina M.

What you get
























Great style is a quite basic field. It contains of shape, material, accessories, colours, make-up, hairstyle, etc and of the value it creates. Your will learn step by step to differ good from bad, good from better and how to style for your purpose and in your taste. You will learn to build you own creative and stylish wardrobe. After the hardware you will learn more about the software- image, charisma and how to get them.



I give you feedback to your styles and how to improve them.




Together than lonely. One of the great gifts of group courses is the social dimension. What is better and more helpful than a group opf women who want to evolve. People who celebrate with you every step instead of holding you down. Becoming more beautiful and grow- together. Forget the lonely warrior idea and start growing together.




Wherever you are, from Tokyo to Berlin. The course is available online. So, just start.

How it works

"Elevate your style" gives you all the tools for your own wardrobe upgrade. Colour type, body type, style magics and an essential instead of a chaotic closet. This course helps you to define creative styles new and understandable for your customers and target groups. You are successful, aou look successful even before you really are. And that is okay. Fake it until you make it, okay?


The value of this program is worth thousands of euros. But I decided to start with special prices in my internet course- career :-)

Your investment for this program until the 20th of December: $ 299 . Afterwards €699 if tickets are left.

FRIEND BONUS: YOU invite one friend to the course? Then you will get your bonus price of 479$ instead of $699!



Booking open!

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"love at first sight- style for bosses"

Your investment is about

  • 4 parts, one new per week, homework, live-call, Live Q&A, coming together
  • support per mail
  • honest feedback and style mirror for your image
  • creative support for your goals!
  • exclusive facebook group for you and the other girls with more tips and tricks
  • we celebrate your ideas and you!


What you need and don´t need

  • Need: Curiousity, wlan, smartphone, journal, pencils, scissors, good mood, your clothes, a miror.
  • Don´t need: a diet now, fear of standing in the centre, the perfect wardrobe, being a professional creative, a lot of time, fear of the others...


Is this program for creative entrepreneurs only?

I love to work with people with a creative background. People who want to elevate their appearance so that it help people understand what they do and on which level. And, of course, people who want to become their most beautiful version. People who feel that their style needs an update of value, class and style. Creative people who want to appear professional to get better jobs and earn more money without working more.


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Frau Jona&Son is style coach & designer from Austria, working with people on their way up, bringing clarity, beauty, joy into their style, helping to create a visible and recognizable person and brand.

Frau Jona&Son alias Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl has been working for 20 years in the field of fashiondesign, design and sustainability, loves to study people, behaviour and styling and developed her special coaching. Worked as a fashiondesigner, wrote about fashion and sustainability and loves to combine beauty with real need on clothes. As a creative she knows what she is talking about. About fears, about attempts and winning.


Author of "ReDesign", published in German and Spanish. Sonja loves to help creative people to become great professionals and selfconfident partners for their clients.