"I have no clothes ", in front of a full wardrobe....do you think so, too? MY Wardrobe-Check brings back the joy for your clothes, for Styling. it saves money and precious time. My strategy: use better what you have, have a clear overview and shop with a strategy.


At first, we need a general idea above your clothes , you tell me what you really want and need in general( a good image, competence, style-educated, mature, present, intelligent, selfconfident, etc ..) and then I start step by step- analyzing, combining new, noticing what´s missing. A wardrobe check is intense and enlightening. I focus on the clothes you really need and sort out every "alien" which finds no match with another piece.




I love my wardrobe- Project Re/Styling

Often you need new ideas and some pieces to create a bunch of inspiring and fresh looks you never expected. My clients often say: Oh, I never combined these pieces." They need someone to show them possibilities. And I do.

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