textile friends- colour, style, shape, image

As a designer I always see the possibilities people have got. My helpers are the various colours, shapes,  materials and the image they carry with them. Now I want to present the BIG FOUR of Stylecoaching- colour, shape, style and image.


Colours have an effect. They can make us look tired, give an unhealthy skincolour, they can make our eyes shine, look younger, present, soft, strong and healthy.


I analyse your colourtype and present beautyfying colour combinations for your purpose. Design special colour concepts for your wardrobe, etc.


Styles like elegant, sporty, feminine, extravagant, etc can change during life phases- depending on your interests, job area and private situation. We define the right styles for the current you with a glimpse on the future.


Body shape and proportion.

Everyone has got his own bodyshape.

I define your body shape and present the perfect fitting clothes shapes for your body.


Career, stage appearance, speaking in front of people, getting respect and attention, appearing credible and competent. All these aspects work more easily when we dress appropriate and focussed. The clothes we are wearing, the hairstyle, make-up,  elegant clothes, fast fashion clothes, the way we are using clothes careful, careless, our body posture.....all these items build our image.


I help you to achieve what you really want with the right means.



I am currently buidling up my offers for people from abroad. Please contact me so we can find the best solution for our cooperation. Style and Image can be done very easily through Skype for example, finding colour combinations also.