Frau Jona&Son is the alias of Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl. She has built her own category of style coaching by combining her work as a style coach, designer and fashionblogger.



Years of working with fashion and clothes led Frau Jona&Son more and more to the question why people are using their wardrobes so inefficiently. What people really need and how they can be satisfied with themselves. How to deal with the "I have nothing to wear" feeling in front of a wellstuffed closet. How to deal with the lack of self-esteem and focus on

unperfect body parts. As a result they start to hide their unperfect bodies and avoid expressing themselves more intense through clothes. Experimenting with fashion, that´s something for the young and skinny. Oh my god, no!



Just to be better prepared, Frau Jona&Son absolved an comprehensive education for colour, style and image coaching and included the new knowledge into her work. Now she styles people and shows them new images of themselves, positive, beautiful, relaxed images and ideas of who else they can be. With the right help they can grow over them, enjoy fashion and clothes and the chances they offer. Discovering new sides of themselves, achieving new goals and inspiring other people.





Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl.


  • Studied Textile Arts and Design
  • Working as a fashiondesigner
  • first Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007
  • Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style
  • Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag
  • Diploma Colour, Style and Imagecoach
  • Diploma Make-up


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